The NL Fiddlers Association holds a session from September to June at the Arts & Culture Centre in St Johns, usually on the second Sunday of the month, depending on availability of a room. Other sessions are usually arranged among members that are present at the regular monthly session. Feel free to come watch or join in. Sessions commence in the fall and are  posted here when we get confirmation of the location. Occasionally we move the meeting to the 4th floor if there is a conflict with others using the facility  We have adjusted the time to facilitate a board meeting before the session.

Current Dates


January 6:  Irwin’s Court,  3–5

February 3:  Irwin’s Court  3–5

March 3:  Irwin’s Court  3–5

April 7:  Irwin’s Court 3–5

May 5: Irwin’s Court 3–5

June 2:  Irwin’s Court 3–5